Manchester Writer and Stand-up Poet - Dave Puller

Dave Puller was born in Manchester in 1951 and has lived in Wythenshawe all of his life. After leaving school at 15 Dave had a succession of jobs, including junior soldier where he trained to be a nurse. He was thrown out of the army after refusing to fire a gun. Of his time in the army he says
“ I joined the army to become a nurse and save lives, but they wanted to teach me to kill first”.

He has also worked as a stock exchange clerk, which taught him how corrupt capitalism really was. This turned him into a lifelong socialist. Other jobs have included window cleaning, salesman, teacher and professional boxer.

Dave is now a professional stand up poet ,actor and writer. He is one of the most original, innovative and challenging performers to emerge from the North West. Founder of the satirical sketch shows “How Many Days Till Xmas and Slightly Left of Centre”

Dave has written for the stage, radio and television and has featured regularly, as a contributor and performer, in all three art forms. He is also the author of three books of poetry, “ Poems from a Wythenshawe Lad” “Ouch” and “ Peace Love and War”.

He regularly tours with his one man shows, performing at schools, community venues, pubs, clubs and theatres. He is the author of several stage plays, radio plays and film scripts.

Current projects include - working on 7 epsiode sitcom entitled "Getting better, better and better", centred around the characters in a rehabalitation unit - almost completed new book entitled "Another Ordinary Rebel" - negotiating to start filming "The Fight Game".

Details of stage, radio and screen plays can be found on the following pages

Dave Puller, Manchester writer and stand-up poet is available for readings, performances - see contact details below